June 2021

Jaime Robys success story

Jaime Roby

Don't mistake Jaime's mathematical skills for any sort of athletic short comings! Jaime is super consistent week in and week out when it comes to preparing herself for the Unknown! But don't worry she is sure to make you smile and feel welcomed as she is ...

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May 2021

Kerrey Leshers success story

Kerrey Lesher

Kerrey is always the first person greet you with a smile every day.  She is staple athlete in the 5:30am class. Kerrey has made tremendous gains with her constancy in the gym and in the kitchen!...

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April 2021

Todd Daniels success story

Todd Daniel

Over a short 5 months Todd has embedded his warm heart into every person he has talked to here at Black Label.  His consistency has not only caused weight to drop and strength to increase but his confidence has increased 100%!!...

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March 2021

Sarah Thompsons success story

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is one of Black Labels very own superwomen, she’s consistent, dedicated and you can often find her staying after classes to work on her lifts! She is always pushing herself and those around her to be the best they can be!...

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February 2021

Beverly Hamiltons success story

Beverly Hamilton

Beverly is definitely one of Black Label's hardest workers! She is dedicated and never lets anything slow her down. Beverly shows up early in the morning, ready to work! She always has a smile on her face and she consistently gives it her all....

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January 2021

Jeff Kirchners success story

Jeff Kirchner

He is consistently working on improving his health and wellness along with pushing others around him to be their best! Jeff has a consistent 5:30am workout routine here at Black label and you can always count on him to show you around or make you feel wel...

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